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bug#15525: 24.3; register-read-with-preview

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#15525: 24.3; register-read-with-preview
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2013 12:59:41 -0400
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>> I wonder if the default shouldn't be "infinite delay", so as to preserve
>> existing behavior?
> Done. (If it is OK I like to turn it on for a month or two for some
> testing and then turn it off eventually)

I'm OK with enabling it tentatively, and see if people complain.
You might like to use a slightly longer delay, tho.  For me, 0.5s makes
it pop up the list pretty much all the time (I guess I'm slow).

>> I think the only valid reason to disable the help-char here is if it
>> prevents access to an existing register.  So we can get rid of this
>> custom var and instead make sure we only obey help-char if there is no
>> existing register by that name.
> The trouble is when you create new registers.

The code should not let you create new registers that match help-char.

> But I remove that custom variable anyway since it won't be used
> much. It is unlikely C-h be used as a register.

BTW, we could/should also accept help-event-list events.

> If no one objects I would like to install the attached patch.

Go ahead,


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