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bug#15251: 24.3.50; do-auto-fill "continues" comment from inside a strin

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: bug#15251: 24.3.50; do-auto-fill "continues" comment from inside a string
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2013 05:09:21 +0300
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On 02.10.2013 17:08, Andreas Röhler wrote:
Doesn't make sense for me. In which way is a string supposed to bear
string-face, if syntax doesn't exist?

I'm just guessing, but syntax table may have syntax entries for string delimiters, but not for comments (e.g. because their syntax is too weird to be adequately expressed using existing syntax table classes), so comments may be fontified via explicit font-lock-keywords entries.

Another option is, like Stefan mentioned, if font-lock-syntax-table is defined, it's used for fontification, and it's very different from the actual buffer syntax table.

That's shooting into the dark IMHO.

That code is old. I'm pretty sure nobody would've written it if there weren't any modes in the wild at the time that benefited from it.

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