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bug#15461: why do I need it

From: Jarek Czekalski
Subject: bug#15461: why do I need it
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 19:23:19 +0200
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Hi Eli

So I wonder what are the real-life use cases that motivated you to ask
for this change.  Is that only completion?

I like to have my environment comfortable. I often work with batch files, sometimes they have long names. Whether I am in native windows shell (cmd.exe) or in my previous editor (jedit) I am used to get the batch file name completed after pressing tab. A requirement of typing always the full name of a batch file is awkward.

You ask such a question that I am not sure what answer you expect. Maybe you want to know more about me. I am open source enthusiast. When I choose software I prefer to choose one of open-source sort. Whenever the software doesn't meet my needs, I know I can extend it (I love this feature by the way). I know I can work on bugs myself. So when I find something that I think should be improved, that I would improve if it was my software, then I do a move to apply the improvement. I prefer to apply improvement to an official distro, rather than to my local installation only. Sometimes I use the software on someone elses box and don't have time to adjust everything from scratch.

Now you know it all :)


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