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bug#15449: gdb assembler no '=>' arrow in source

From: Markus Rother
Subject: bug#15449: gdb assembler no '=>' arrow in source
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 13:03:21 +0200
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(using emacs 24.2.1)

When debugging an assembler program using gdb within emacs, there is no
arrow pointing to the current line in my source file.  Everything else
works properly (stepping, etc.):

* (gdb) disas
* M-x gdb-disassembly-buffer
* (gdb) si
* etc.

The file was compiled with:

=nasm -g -f elf32 foo.s - o foo.o=
=ld foo.o -o foo=

(using nasm 2.10.05)

gdb was invoked with

M-x gdb -i=mi foo

(using gdb 7.5.1)

The debugging session starts successfully, with "Reading symbols ... done.".

When activating one of the gdb buffers, the menu bar changes (to
gud-gdb, I assume), but not so when activating the source buffer.

On stackoverflow.com it was suggested to use an older version of nasm
(why?) as the same problem was encountered.


(did not try).

Any help is appreciated.

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