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From: Ryan
Subject: bug#3984:
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 21:23:23 -0700
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After a little more consideration, I think I know what the bug is. The goal of "advice--called-interactively-skip" is to skip all the advice-related stack frames of the called function, not advice-related stack frames for advice on call-interactively.

I also came up with an idea to address this issue: a second function added to called-interactively-p-functions that checks the current stack frame for equality to the unadvised form of call-interactively and if it finds it, skips past all the advice frames to the outermost call. This will make it so that advising call-interactively does not affect the return of called-interactively-p, but it will not fix the "innermost around advice" problem.

I'm trying to code up a solution now. I'll eventually find my way through the twisty maze of fencepost errors.


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