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bug#15335: emacs -Q usability

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: bug#15335: emacs -Q usability
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 16:57:22 +0200
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Am 11.09.2013 16:17, schrieb Drew Adams:
Emacs -Q opening with scratch buffer is a mistake in most cases.
Please make Emacs star[t] as general purpose Editor, preferably with an
empty buffer, in text- or fundamental mode, where use may see it's input,
being offered to save it etc.
See also http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18734848/choosing-an-all-

I have some sympathy for this. However, which mode for that (presumably)
new-file buffer?  You say text mode or fundamental mode. Perhaps (text,
but not fundamental). But realistically, how much of the time does an Emacs
user use text mode?  Yes, the mode could be configurable by the user.

But other editors often open with no such new file/buffer window.  TextPad
is a good example.  Just as for Emacs, you need to click the `New' icon to
open a new-file buffer.  Otherwise, it opens with just an empty editor frame.

Anyway, Emacs now provides multiple possibilities for the startup
appearance & behavior.  One of those is `initial-buffer-choice', which you
can customize to a file or directory name.  This should get you pretty much
what you are asking, I think.

But the question then is what the default startup should be like.  If
`initial-buffer-choice' were by default a `new' buffer name then that
should pretty much give you what you are asking for.

Personally, I think the default startup should be with Dired, in some
default directory that a user can trivially customize.  That gives a larger
perspective than does *scratch* or even a new-file buffer.  IOW, I'd vote
for `initial-buffer-choice' to be an existing directory name.

The question was about the steep learning curve. So I asked, what's in the way 
for beginners? Why not just start to edit?
Dired already is a thing which needs some learning. An empty buffer not.

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