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bug#14910: [O] bug#14910: org-mode `org-open-at-point' doesn't follow id

From: Samuel Loury
Subject: bug#14910: [O] bug#14910: org-mode `org-open-at-point' doesn't follow id links
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 09:41:56 +0200
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Oleh Krehel <address@hidden> writes:

>> As for requiring org-id for `org-open-at-point', I'm not sure this
>> is the right thing to do since it will require it for all users, even
>> those who don't use org-id at all.

> The issue is that the current solution isn't portable.[...]
> In my opinion it would be best to require 'org-id implicitly so that
> the links work the same for all users.

We could have a lazy loading of the file in case the "id:" string is
encountered. Actually, we could have a lazy loading of a default package
for each supported link. That would avoid the pain of loading the
package when users don't use it and still make those links work.

IIRC, the difficulty of that solution is that each package implementing
a link (like org-id) explicitly registers to indicate it can handle some
link while my solution assumes that there is some knowledge of which
package handle what link before loading it. For that reason, it is not
so easy to implement. I guess though that the behavior is more close to
what we should want to have.

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