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bug#14776: 24.3.50; [PATCH] parse-time-string performance

From: Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#14776: 24.3.50; [PATCH] parse-time-string performance
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2013 22:31:35 +0200
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Andreas Politz <address@hidden> writes:

> Like strptime ?

Or parse-datetime:


> Probably not worth it, since it doesn't seem to be a bottleneck,
> contrary to what I was suggesting. Or are there other reasons ?

It's not much of a bottleneck, no:

(benchmark-elapse (dotimes (i 10000) (parse-time-string "Thu, 04 Jul 2013 
20:06:00 +0200")))
=> 1.120856647

But sorting a summary buffer of 5K messages on Date (which some people
do) might get a performance boost.  But I was thinking that it might be
more likely that parse-datetime parses more date strings correctly than
the version in parse-time.el.  

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