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bug#14569: 24.3.50; bootstrap fails on Cygwin

From: Ken Brown
Subject: bug#14569: 24.3.50; bootstrap fails on Cygwin
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2013 07:21:25 -0400
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On 6/28/2013 5:40 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
I've done some further testing [*] and determined that the bootstrap failures 
always occur as a result of the tickling, as I had hoped.  This should mean 
that, if my patch is applied, the only problem will be a possible random crash 
right after emacs is started.  The only question is how often this will happen 
in practice.  I think we can only determine this by applying the patch and 
asking users to test it.

Last night I began running a loop in which emacs (patched as I proposed) repeatedly starts and then exits after 15 seconds [*]. So far there hasn't been a single failure after more than 1300 iterations. I don't know what's different about bootstrapping, but it seems that tickling Glib doesn't cause problems on Cygwin in ordinary interactive use of Emacs. (Keep in mind that my previous test, quoted above, showed that the failure during bootstrapping always occurred within 1 second after Glib got tickled.)

If no one objects, I'll go ahead and apply my patch later today.


[*] I'm running the following script:

#! /bin/bash
while true
    count=$((count + 1))
    echo "Try $count; starting Emacs."
    if emacs -l test_emacs.el
        echo "Emacs exited normally."
        echo "Emacs exited abnormally."
    sleep 1

test_emacs.el contains the following:

(sit-for 15)

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