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bug#11091: 24.0.94; emacsclient -t

From: Dani Moncayo
Subject: bug#11091: 24.0.94; emacsclient -t
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 13:38:25 +0200

>> >> The manual currently has many of such explanations, e.g., in that same
>> >> info node "(emacs)emacsclient Options":
>> >
>> > You're right. Could you please send a patch?
>> What about this one?
> Thanks, I committed a slightly different description (trunk revision
> 107710), and I'm closing this bug.

Thanks Eli.

Allow me a few comments.

On the "-c" option:

> [...] Emacs can create a graphical frame even if it was started in a
> text-only terminal, provided it is able to connect to a graphical
> display, and provided it can create graphical frames when started
> from a text-only terminal.

Isn't this wording a bit awkward?  "Emacs can do X, provided it is
able to do Y, and provided it can do X"

On the "-t" option:

> Create a new Emacs frame on the current text-only terminal, instead
> of using an existing Emacs frame.  If Emacs can open a text-only
> terminal even if it was started in another text-only terminal, or on
> a graphical display, it will create a text-only frame on the current
> terminal.

That is, "Do X instead of Y.  If Emacs can do X even if Z, it will do
X.".  Not much clean, IMHO.

> Otherwise(2), it will create a new frame, either GUI or text-only,
> on the same terminal where Emacs was started.

Here the last part ("on the same terminal where...") gives the
impression that the new frame will be created on a terminal,
regardless of whether it is GUI or text-only.

Also, in the case that the new frame is text-only, it's not clear
whether the frame will be created in the current terminal one or in
the server one.

Dani Moncayo

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