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bug#11035: 24.0.94; icomplete with multiline candidates and standalone m

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#11035: 24.0.94; icomplete with multiline candidates and standalone minibuffer
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 14:43:32 -0700

> So why isn't count-screen-lines what you need?

[Use of `count-screen-lines' has nothing to do with the text you quoted, BTW.
That (bug #7822 and associated emacs-devel discussion) is about having
`fit-window-to-buffer' take display artifacts into account.  And it is about
having a function that gives you both the width and height of the buffer as

But yes, I can use `count-screen-lines' to fix the resizing problem for the
minibuffer frame height (second part of this bug).  I wasn't aware of that
function.  And it's OK that it's not available for some older releases, because
in those releases icomplete does not use overlays.  Thank you for pointing out

Without your C-source fix for the cursor placement, after fitting the frame
according to `count-screen-lines', the cursor ends up displayed at the end of
the overlay, which is worse than the behavior described in the bug report.  But
hopefully with your C fix we will be able to close this bug.  I will let you
know when I can get hold of a new Windows binary and see.


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