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bug#10977: detail from .xession-errors concerning .desktop extension of

From: Thomas Rikl
Subject: bug#10977: detail from .xession-errors concerning .desktop extension of ~./emacs.desktop
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 20:16:55 +0100
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Am 10.03.2012 15:31, schrieb Stefan Monnier:
But in the future it probably would be more consistent with the rest of
Emacs if desktop used user-emacs-directory in preference to the home
directory, if no desktop-file already exists in the home directory.
I agree, FWIW.
That's already the case at least for searching:

    (defcustom desktop-path (list "." user-emacs-directory "~")

-- Stefan
After login "." and "~" are the same place, this prevents from nothing. In my eyes a smart migration to a name *desktop_whatever*.el is a robust and straitforward solution. In case of a new creation take the new name, in case of searching an already existing desktop search first for the new name then for the "old" name.

After 5 years or so drop the handling of the old scheme mentioned in the "release notes" alternative cleanup the mechanism with the intro of 24.1 . (Perhaps I'm naive)

For me the extension .desktop is associated with graphical desktops like KDE independent how long and since when emacs made use of this expression.

The lines:  (setq desktop-base-file-name ".emacs-desktop.el")
(desktop-save-mode 1) in  ~/.emacs satisfy me.

What are computers good for ? They solve problems we never had without them.

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