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bug#8576: js-mode doesn't support multi-line variable declarations

From: Zeth
Subject: bug#8576: js-mode doesn't support multi-line variable declarations
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2012 01:46:27 +0000
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Hello Emacs people,

Daniel Colascione in message 8 said:

"Additionally, this construct is relatively rare; if you're going to
split variable declarations across several lines, you might as well use
another "var"."

Actually the format required by JSLint, for good reason, is that one single var statement per function, at the very start of the function, i.e.:

var name, another-name, another-name;

When you have more than 80 characters worth of variable declarations, you need to start a new line:

var first-name, second-name, third-name,
    fourth-name, fifth-name;

The first-name and fourth-name above should align (i.e. the second and subsequent lines should be indented by 4 characters).

Emacs does not highlight the second and subsequent lines correctly, and it does not indent them correctly either.

This is a shame because in all other respects, Emacs indents and highlights in the way you would expect when following the demands of JSLint.

(JSLint demands this behaviour to avoid making hoisting and scoping mistakes, i.e. those used to other languages with block scope might believe the placement of var statements further down in a function implies that a variable is not defined yet, when actually it is.)

Best Wishes,

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