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bug#9653: 24.0.50; `ucs-names' - Why all of the ("" . XXX) entries?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#9653: 24.0.50; `ucs-names' - Why all of the ("" . XXX) entries?
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 10:35:20 -0800

Whatever happened with this bug?  I thought that it was decided to remove the
empty entries and you were just discussing how best to do that.  Nothing has
happened in this thread since 2011-10-11.

In the latest build I have, from 2012-01-05, the empty-name entries are still

Dunno whether I pointed this out before, but such entries interfere with the
possibility of simply using `rassq' to look up a char code.  Especially since
the empty entries seem to come _first_, before the non-empty entries (why?).

E.g., try to look up (rassq 11967 (ucs-names)).

There is a perfectly good entry for this char code: ("CJK RADICAL GRASS TWO" .
11967).  But it is _preceded_ by this empty-name entry: ("" . 11967), which is
of course what `rassq' returns.  (And those are the only entries for 11967.)

Not the end of the world, certainly, but can't we do better than this?  You guys
discussed the implementation of this fix for quite a while, but the real fix
seems to have petered out.

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