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bug#10461: emacs is not a macro-editor

From: andre . desnoyers
Subject: bug#10461: emacs is not a macro-editor
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 19:46:10 +0100
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I think this effect exists on Mac OS with Intel proc. In the past version on Fedora Scientific Linux) my macro work on the very big files (> 40Mo). It is possible there are conflict with my sartup. I see the cursor points in bad line, then it will be a bad section àf file which show in window (why?).

So, i prepare a test with your guide line.
   Thank Andrew

address@hidden wrote:

If two matches are more distant  than about 50 lines the second match
is not found, but the macro can be repeated !

It seems to work when I tried it.
Can you give a complete example? Attach a (perhaps compressed) example
file, and show exactly what you typed, starting from `emacs -Q', and
what happened.

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