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bug#10452: 24.0.92; calendar-abbrev-length in calendar.el

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: bug#10452: 24.0.92; calendar-abbrev-length in calendar.el
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 22:55:22 -0700
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On 1/8/12 5:30 AM, Andreas Schwab wrote:
Peter Dyballa<address@hidden>  writes:

The introduction of this variable is no good idea. In German we are using two 
values: the number 2 for day names and the number 3 for month names.

You can set calendar-day-abbrev-array to anything you like.

Here's some code I posted in 2006 to automatically set localized day and month names. To set localized abbrevs, just use the lowercase "%a" and "%b" formats

(let ((days (locale-info 'days))
      (months (locale-info 'months)))
  (if days
      (setq calendar-day-name-array days)
    (let ((this-year
           (string-to-number (format-time-string "%Y")))
           (string-to-number (format-time-string "%m"))))
      (setq calendar-day-name-array
            (apply 'vector
                   (mapcar (lambda (time)
                             (format-time-string "%A" time))
                           (sort (mapcar (lambda (day)
                                           (encode-time 0 0 0 day
                                                        this-month this-year
                                         '(1 2 3 4 5 6 7))
                                 ;; by day of week:
                                 (lambda (time-1 time-2)
                                   (< (nth 6 (decode-time time-1))
                                      (nth 6 (decode-time time-2))))))))))
  (if months
      (setq calendar-month-name-array months)
    (let ((this-year
           (string-to-number (format-time-string "%Y"))))
      (setq calendar-month-name-array
            (apply 'vector
                   (mapcar (lambda (month)
                             (let ((first (encode-time 0 0 0 1 month
                               (format-time-string "%B" first t)))
                           '(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12)))))))

Kevin Rodgers
Denver, Colorado, USA

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