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bug#5502: compile.el uses non-mode-line faces in the mode line

From: Karl Berry
Subject: bug#5502: compile.el uses non-mode-line faces in the mode line
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 22:11:53 GMT

(Back on http://debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=5502.)

    rgm> Just for fun, I tried:
    emacs -Q --eval '(defun display-color-p (&optional display) nil)'
    How does that look to you...?

Glenn, thanks for trying, but ... not so great.  My initial attempt:
1) The "M-x " prompt is still in blue (not that that's such a big deal).
2) When I run M-x compile RET foo RET,
   the *compilation* and "exit[]" in the mode line are in bold.
   Also, in the buffer text, the stuff I've surrounded with ** is in
  **/usr/local/gnu/bin/bash**: foo: command not found

  Compilation **exited abnormally** with code **127** at Sun Sep 25 10:09:48
With Juri's functions, at least the /usr/local/gnu/bin/bash is in
regular text, although the "exited abnormally" and "127" are still in
reverse video.

Which points out, again, the problem I was trying to report originally:
using the same face for text in the mode line and in the buffer text
makes it impossible to reliably make the mode line text reverse video
and the buffer text normal.  In 23.3, compilation-warning,
compilation-error, and compilation-info are used for both.  As far as I
can tell.

Stefan, regarding global-font-lock-mode: I'll try it again in 23.4 (or a
pretest if you've knowingly fixed things in this area).  Running:
$ emacs-23.3 -Q --eval '(global-font-lock-mode 0)'
- the *scratch* text is in red.
- the "M-x " prompt is in blue.
- running M-x compile RET foo RET has blue and red for the same text
  that I marked above, and red in the mode line.


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