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bug#3455: A solution for a problem with TAMAGO (egg) package for I18N in

From: ISHIKAWA,chiaki
Subject: bug#3455: A solution for a problem with TAMAGO (egg) package for I18N input under emacs 23
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 09:12:43 +0900
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Dear Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen,

Thank you for your post.

I agree that it is not a bug in Emacs per se.

If the bug report remains in the bugzilla, and still could be searched,
the main purpose of the original bug report is fulfilled.
People who got bitten with the bug can search the bugzilla and find the

Too bad, I am not familiar with the innards of the handling of
multibyte character code sets anymore and so I can offer
a reasonable patch myself.

But thank you again for your attention on the
unclosed bugs in the bug report database.

Happy Hacking!

Chiaki Ishikawa

(2011/09/17 14:57), Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen wrote:
> ishikawa<address@hidden>  writes:
>> I am afraid that the TAMAGO mailing list is not widely read these days.
>> And as far as I can tell, Tamago 4.0.6 seems to be the up-to-date version
>> that is made available to public. With the official release of emacs 23.1,
>> Mr. Handa et al may release the updated TAMAGO, but for now, we need the 
>> patch.
>> ===========================
>> Problem with an tamago(egg) elisp package for I18N input
>> With emacs 23, there are changes in I18N character handling and
>> the changes break tamago(egg) Japanese input.
>> The problem is that when a user loads TAMAGO package, and sets it up so that
>> emacs will talk to Wnn input server, and tries to
>> input Japanese, the backend reports that (input) candidate  list
>> could not be created.
>> (The error appears in Japanese message. The above is my translation.)
> This was reported two years ago, and I can't see that anything much
> was done with it.  It doesn't seem like a bug in Emacs, though, so I'm
> closing the report.

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