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bug#9503: 24.0.50; (vc-git): After applying a stash, refresh of *vc-dir*

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: bug#9503: 24.0.50; (vc-git): After applying a stash, refresh of *vc-dir* is a must
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 23:48:04 +0530
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Juanma Barranquero <address@hidden> writes:

>> (vc-git): After applying a stash, refresh of *vc-dir* is a must.
>> Currently I do this manually.
> Refreshing *vc-dir* can be slow. What if you apply several stashes
> consecutively?

I would prefer to have some sort of visual feedback that confirms that
the application of stash has succeeded. Otherwise I just keep staring at
the screen hoping something would happen.

I do have `vc-command-messages' set to t. I see OK in the echo area. If
I turn that setting off the only visible feedback is the
hour-glass->normal cursor.

Under the absence of any visual cue in the echo area, I just keep
staring at the screen. This has happened even after I filed this report.

Do you think a prefix arg or a customization variable is in order?

Couple of tangential remarks:

1. Any reason why `vc-git-stash-delete-at-point' runs
   `vc-dir-refresh'. (I believe this is an unwanted side-effect of stash
   menu sharing the same space as the modified file list)

2. I have been using vc-git for quite sometime (> 10 months) now. It's
   only a few days back that I realized that the stash lines have
   keymaps associated with them (I always thought that they were zombie
   informational lines). Anyway the stash lines could be highlighted if
   the point moves to that line or permanently use a different (keymap?)
   face. (I don't use mouse that often and I noticed the highlight
   behaviour only after doing a C-u C-x =)

3. Apropos applying several stashes, it seems that at some point in
   distant future someone would cookup a way to mark and re-order
   stashes (much like interactive rebase menu in the git command line).

   I think the most `intuitive' interface for re-ordering stashes would
   be killing and yanking (Think of C-k and C-y in gnus-topic mode).

   IMHO, In that case the current binding of using C-k to delete the
   stash would come in the way.

You can close this bug if you think it is too frivolous.

>     Juanma

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