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bug#9482: specific manual text suggestion

From: Le Wang
Subject: bug#9482: specific manual text suggestion
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 21:25:28 +0800

Hi Stefan,

As I mentioned in this bug.  The manual already has an example of this
trap in the nconc section.  Maybe just a pointer to it.

So my suggestion for specific text would be:

"WARNING: '(a . b) is not short-hand for (cons 'a 'b).  The former
does not cons.  Quoting should be reserved for constants that will
*NEVER* change.  See <link>nconc</link> for example of unexpected
results when a quoted object is modified."

My terminology may be not quite right, but if I read something like
this, the difference would be much clearer.


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