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bug#9447: 24.0.50; woman loses single quotes

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#9447: 24.0.50; woman loses single quotes
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2011 02:48:47 -0400
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close 9447 24.1

I think I fixed this. AFAICS, woman-if-body, which was unchanged since
woman.el was introduced, contained code that made no sense. A minimal
example of a file showing the problem is anything with more than one .ie
block, eg:

    .ie n .ds Ab x
    .el .ds Ab y
    .ie \n(.g .ds Aq \(aq
    .el       .ds Aq '
    .TH Moose
    .SH "NAME"
    for example
    \&  has \*(Aqssn\*(Aq

I sort of wonder what the point of woman.el is. It has a punny name, but
is basically a partial, buggy, reimplementation of a very standard
external program that is surely installed on any system where man pages
are used. Eg I note that it doesn't render man.1 correctly on my current
system, with the current trunk doing a worse job than Emacs 23.3 does.

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