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bug#8268: Windows Emacs Console persists while running running emacs.exe

From: Nicholas \"Indy\" Ray
Subject: bug#8268: Windows Emacs Console persists while running running emacs.exe.
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 20:42:56 -0700

This seems to be related to bug #1849, but perhaps never properly fixed.

Anyways, when opening emacs from Emacs.exe, which is difficult to not do in Windows 7 with pinning to the task bar, Emacs will open with an unneeded console window that cannot be destroyed.

This seems likely due to the fact that Emacs is spawned as a console application when run in this manner.  However, I think there is a simple fix that doesn't cause problems when the program is run as a console app.

By calling the FreeConsole win32 function when Emacs initializes it's GUI this should kill any os spawned console windows, had they not been opened separately.


I've used this function to great effect in other applications, and am confident it'd work. I'd have fixed it and created a patch myself, but I've spent the last few hours trying to get Emacs to build on this weird setup I have here.


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