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bug#8242: Issue with help menu and set-frame-font

From: Harold Pimentel
Subject: bug#8242: Issue with help menu and set-frame-font
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 00:39:51 -0800


I'm having an issue with set-frame-font. It is as follows:

- I use:
        (set-frame-font "Menlo-12")
- I split the current frame into two windows
- If I raise the help menu it goes into the opposite window, changing that 
buffer (this is normal)
- I maximize my window
        - I was using maximize-frame.el, but simply making the window as large 
as possible until it "clicks" will suffice
- Now, if raise the help menu, it splits the current window vertically instead 
of putting the help into the other window (BUG HERE)
        - If I don't change the font, I will not have this issue

Any insight would be great.

Here is my system info:

- Mac OSX (10.6.6)
- Emacs.app 23.2.1 (via Macports, but also verified on the latest build of 23.3 
build 03-10)



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