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bug#8181: 23.2; Dired on Windows 7

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: bug#8181: 23.2; Dired on Windows 7
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2011 22:28:37 +0800
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Ben Key <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> I consider the fact that it is necessary to change the selected item
> in the "Files of Type" combo box to "All Files (*.*)" and back to
> "Directories" before you can successfully select a directory (at least
> on Windows 7) to be a bug.  I am looking into this problem and will
> attempt to fix it.

Yes, if you have to do that on Windows 7, then something needs
fixing. It isn't neccesary on Windows XP or earlier versions of Windows.

> By the way, does anyone know why we do not use SHBrowseForFolder if
> only_dir_p is non nil instead of GetOpenFileName?

IIRC it had its own problems, such as not being able to open
non-existing files (even if used only for directories, the standard file
dialog at least allows you to create directories inside the dialog).  It
also seemed a bit clumsy and left behind from an earlier version of
Windows, but things may have changed since the dialog support was first
added. I'm not aware of any other programs that use it, so it doesn't
have the benefit of being familiar to Windows users that the file dialog
has (though the familiarity is lost when we start using it to select
directories, which it was never designed to do).

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