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bug#5968: Problems with 'geometry' [GTK,Cygwin,trunk]

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#5968: Problems with 'geometry' [GTK,Cygwin,trunk]
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 13:28:47 +0200
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This is a combination of a race condition (frame is not visible when geometry is set), and the fact that the window manager doesn't honor gravity correctly.

I reinstalled the change below. It is in principle redundant as Gtk+ sets this when parsing geometry, but the window manager doesn't seem to honor it when the window is later shown at a different size.

Marking as done.

        Jan D.

Rev. 99880 works just fine... Indeed, reverting *only* the changes to 'gtkutil.c' (applying 'gtkutil.c.revert_to_880.diff') and building rev. 99922, Emacs starts as expected!! :-)

Perhaps these changes are the cause of the problems:

-  if (user_position)
-    {
-      hint_flags &= ~GDK_HINT_POS;
-      hint_flags |= GDK_HINT_USER_POS;
-    }

It seems that this problem is Cygwin specific, I can't reproduce it on GNU/Linux Kubuntu 9.10.

        Jan D.

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