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bug#5235: 23.1; Unibyte keyboard input problem

From: Tomasz Zbrożek
Subject: bug#5235: 23.1; Unibyte keyboard input problem
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 12:43:47 +0100
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On Friday 25 December 2009 12:23:42 Jason Rumney wrote:
> Tomasz Zbrożek wrote:
> > I started this bug-case to get the answer to the question: why in unibyte
> > mode when I try to write in cp1250 I get codes like ^E instead of proper
> > chars in buffer ?
> Keyboard input on Windows is Unicode in 23.1.  In previous versions it
> was in the system default codepage.
Is this why I get '^E' code instead of 'ą' when I press right ALT + 'a' in 
unibyte mode with codepage set to cp1250 (emacs version 23.1) ?
I checked it on Windows and GNU/Linux and it works the same.

Is there possibility to change emacs configuration somehow to get proper 
polish chars when writing in unibyte mode ?


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