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bug#5254: ps-print and faces specified as strings

From: Eduard Wiebe
Subject: bug#5254: ps-print and faces specified as strings
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 17:03:14 +0100
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harven <address@hidden> writes:


and thank you for your report.

> ps-spool-buffer-with-faces and ps-print-buffer-with-faces report errors
> if there is a face specified as a string in the buffer.
> Tested with emacs22 and emacs23 ; starting in a buffer in fundamental
> mode, we type and execute the following:
>   (facemenu-set-face "bold" 1 (point-max))
> The text in the buffer becomes bold as expected.
> We now try to spool the buffer using M-x ps-spool-buffer-with-faces.
> This gives the error:
> ps-face-attribute-list: Wrong type argument: listp, "bold"
> A *postscript* buffer has been created, as expected, but it is empty.
> It should have contained a faithful postscript image of the buffer.
> The error can be reproduced with any face, not just bold.
> It seems that the problem comes from the fact that somewhere in the
> ps-print-* functions, the face is expected to be a symbol -- 'bold. 


> In the function given below, the face is defined by facemenu-set-face
> as a string -- "bold". If we use instead
> (facemenu-set-face 'bold 1 (point-max))
> to color the buffer, the error disappear.
> It may not be a bug per se, yet it would be nice (and more consistent)
> if the ps-print package could handle faces specified as strings.

Can you try following patch:

diff --git a/lisp/ps-print.el b/lisp/ps-print.el
index 386fc14..f799926 100644
--- a/lisp/ps-print.el
+++ b/lisp/ps-print.el
@@ -6254,7 +6254,8 @@ If FACE is not a valid face name, use default face."
     (or (and (symbolp face)
             (cdr (assq face ps-black-white-faces-alist)))
        (vector 0 nil nil)))
-   ((symbolp face)
+   ((or (symbolp face) (facep face))
+    (and (stringp face) (setq face (intern face)))
     (cdr (or (assq face ps-print-face-extension-alist)
             (assq face ps-print-face-alist)
             (let* ((the-face (if (facep face) face 'default))

Eduard Wiebe

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