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bug#5260: 23.1.90; zrgrep grep-files-aliases

From: jidanni
Subject: bug#5260: 23.1.90; zrgrep grep-files-aliases
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 19:12:39 +0800


    (defun zrgrep (regexp &optional files dir confirm grep-find-template)
      "Recursively grep for REGEXP in gzipped FILES in tree rooted at DIR.
    Like `rgrep' but uses `zgrep' for `grep-program', sets the default
    file name to `*.gz', and sets `grep-highlight-matches' to `always'."

I object. The default should be ALL, not *.gz, as at least I want to
comb all files, compressed or not... (the main bonus of zgrep(1)).

       (let ((grep-program "zgrep")
             (grep-find-template nil)  ; output of `grep-compute-defaults'
             (grep-find-command nil)
             (grep-host-defaults-alist nil)
             (grep-files-aliases '(("*.gz" . "*.gz") ; for `grep-read-files'
                                   ("all" . "* .*"))))

all should be ALL as it is more clear... and in fact just plain * .* is
even clearer.  Anyway, ALL should be at front. And there should be a
variable so one can customize about what should be in front...

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