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bug#5252: 23.1.90; configure prevents the use of MacPorts packages

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: bug#5252: 23.1.90; configure prevents the use of MacPorts packages
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 21:39:44 +0100


Two package management systems, Fink with its /sw root and MacPorts with its /opt/local root, provide useful software packages for Mac OS X. GNU Emacs' configure script hard-codes /sw (line #2729ff):

  ## Apple Darwin / Mac OS X
  *-apple-darwin* )
    case "${canonical}" in
      i[3456]86-* )  machine=intel386 ;;
      powerpc-* )    machine=macppc ;;
      x86_64-* )     machine=amdx86-64 ;;
      * )            unported=yes ;;
    # Define CPP as follows to make autoconf work correctly.
    CPP="${CC-cc} -E -no-cpp-precomp"
    # Use fink packages if available.
    if test -d /sw/include && test -d /sw/lib; then
      GCC_TEST_OPTIONS="-I/sw/include -L/sw/lib"

This prevents the use of C header files in /opt/local/include and of libraries in /opt/local/lib. Even when I use "--x-libraries=/opt/local/ libs --x-includes=/opt/local/include/X11" it ends in invocations like

        gcc -I/sw/include -L/sw/lib -c ...

and I continuously run into the bugs #3895 and #5250. Without patching the configure script I cannot even compile temacs.

When I now comment the above Fink related block in configure and perform configuration with

./configure --without-sound --without-pop --without-dbus --x- libraries=/opt/local/libs --x-includes=/opt/local/include/X11 --enable- locallisppath=/Library/Application\ Support/Emacs/calendar23:/Library/ Application\ Support/Emacs CPPFLAGS="-no-cpp-precomp -I/sw/include" CFLAGS="..." LDFLAGS="-dead_strip -multiply_defined suppress -L/sw/lib"

(paths to Fink are included because GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and RSVG libraries are in Fink – and also in some Mac OS X frameworks) still resources from MacPorts are not used because their paths are appended and therefore files are searched in /sw before /opt/local. The only cure is to patch the above with /sw -> /opt/local. So might be useful to add configure switches --with-Fink and --with-MacPorts on Mac OS X...

BTW, configure checks many times for pkg-config:

configure:11340: checking for pkg-config
configure:11358: found /opt/local/bin/pkg-config
configure:11371: result: /opt/local/bin/pkg-config

configure:11457: checking for pkg-config
configure:11488: result: /opt/local/bin/pkg-config

configure:12597: checking for pkg-config
configure:12628: result: /opt/local/bin/pkg-config

configure:13475: checking for pkg-config
configure:13506: result: /opt/local/bin/pkg-config

configure:13577: checking for pkg-config
configure:13608: result: /opt/local/bin/pkg-config

configure:13917: checking for pkg-config
configure:13948: result: /opt/local/bin/pkg-config

configure:14102: checking for pkg-config
configure:14133: result: /opt/local/bin/pkg-config



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