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Re: bug#5235: 23.1; Unibyte keyboard input problem

From: Tomasz Zbrożek
Subject: Re: bug#5235: 23.1; Unibyte keyboard input problem
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 20:25:58 +0100
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Thanks for reply!
In multibyte mode (I mean no --unibyte) Emacs 23.1 works great for me :)
I'll try to explain why I need unibyte mode. I'm maintener of a C/C++ source 
code which has comments coded in cp1250 (polish language) but strings in code 
are coded in cp852. So I have two different code pages in source code file. 
This is old source code and it was developed in Windows (that's why comments 
are in cp1250) but is compiled to work on MS-DOS (that's why strings are 
coded in cp852). Of course in multibyte mode I am able to write in these code 
pages (for example reloading file with C-x RET r) but when I select cp1250 to 
save the buffer emacs often tells me that some cp852 coded chars are not able 
to be saved in cp1250 and it wants me to select between raw-text, 
no-conversion and emacs-mule. In this situation I have to enter "cp1250" and 
force Emacs to save buffer in cp1250. So I do not want to write "cp1250" 
again and again when saving buffer to file.. And additionaly I'm not sure 
when I force to save my buffer in cp1250 what's going on exactly with cp852 
coded chars (I noticed both cp1250 and 852 chars are coded ok). 
That's why I decided to use unibyte mode. But as I described I found it's a 
problem with writing polish native chars in unibyte mode in Emacs 23.1. 
In fact I what to change mode when Emacs works, I mean not with --unibyte but 
with set-buffer-multibyte to nil when cpp file is being loaded but it seems 
this function does not work correctly or I do not undestand something.

Here is how I configure Language Environment:
 '(current-language-environment "Polish")
 '(language-info-custom-alist (quote (("Polish" (charset cp1250) 
(coding-system cp1250) (coding-priority cp1250 cp852) (nonascii-translation . 
cp1250) (unibyte-display . cp1250)))))
'(unibyte-display-via-language-environment t)


On Thursday 17 December 2009 17:47:29 Jason Rumney wrote:
> Tomasz Zbrożek wrote:
> > Hi,
> > In Emacs 23.1, in unibyte mode (emacs --unibyte)
> Does it work as expected if you remove the --unibyte?


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