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bug#4147: 23.1.50: Info-search command strange behaviour

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#4147: 23.1.50: Info-search command strange behaviour
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 11:17:59 +0200
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> I never looked at tabbar.el so I can't tell.  But suppose you can make
> it work that whatever it displays via `header-line-format' goes to a
> separate buffer - and obviously relays back any user input on that
> buffer's contents to the tabbar dispatcher which is the harder part.

I think no need to relay back because a keymap click in a "header-line"
window will call a function that updates `header-line-format' whose new
content will be displayed in this window anyway.

> Then we could display that buffer in a window attached to some other
> window including a frame's root window.  That way tabbar wouldn't
> interfere any more with other modes using the header line like info or
> ruler-mode.  Also, tabs could be displayed on the left or right of a
> window.

This means we need extra buffer per every header-line.

> Moreover, users could choose between a one-tabbar-per-frame and a
> one-tabbar-per-window setting.  In the former case the tabbar would
> vanish only when tabbars are switched off or the frame gets deleted,
> just like the toolbar.  In the latter case, a tabbar would disappear
> whenever the associated window gets deleted.

I don't understand how do you intend to ensure that the tabbar
of the selected window doesn't disappear if the user types
`C-x 1' (`delete-other-windows')?

Juri Linkov

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