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bug#5206: OPTION key combinations using international keyboards in the N

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#5206: OPTION key combinations using international keyboards in the NEXTSTEP versions of Emacs don't work
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 09:02:20 +0100
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Anders Bolt-Evensen skrev 2009-12-13 11.18:

I've been working on Emacs for some time now, and recently I started using the 
Mac OS X user interface instead of the X windowing system.
But there is one problem: I'm using a Norwegian keyboard, and to use characters 
like |, [, ], {, } and a few other characters I need to use either the OPTION 
or SHIFT+OPTION keys. In the NEXTSTEP version of Emacs the OPTION key is 
defined as the meta key.

OPTION+7 = |
OPTION+8 = [
OPTION+9 = ]

When I press the OPTION+7 keys, the vertical bar should appear as seen in the list above, but 
insted nothing happens until I press an other key, in this case I used the A key, and 
"aaaaaaa" appears. When I press the SHIFT+OPTION+7 keys, the word "system" 
appears. This problem only applies to the NEXTSTEP version - the terminal and X window versions 
work as they should.

The defaults used for Emacs is really bad, it makes Emacs almost unusable for any text input if you have a non-english keyboard.

Here is what I do as a workaround:

M-x customize-group <return> ns <return>

Scroll down a bit and you see
NS Command Modifier: [Value Menu] super
NS Alternate modifier: [Value Menu] meta

If you change those so that command is meta and alternate modifier is No modifier you can then use Alt as ususal (i.e. Alt 7 gives | as normal) and use the Command-key as meta.

I don't understand why there is a default mapping from Command-key to super. Super is very little used and many binding seems to be duplicates of other bindings.

        Jan D.

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