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bug#5197: 23.1; (elisp) Character Sets

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#5197: 23.1; (elisp) Character Sets
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 09:42:03 -0800

> emacs -Q
> Go to (elisp)Character Sets
> 1. "The character set `unicode' includes all the characters whose
> Emacs code points are in the range `0..10FFFF'."
> The previous sections in the Non-ASCII major section use decimal
> notation for characters and character ranges.

I was mistaken about this part. It seems that sometimes hex is used and
sometimes decimal is used. When a cons (MIN . MAX) range is mentioned, for
instance, decimal notation is used.

> When a character-range
> value is returned from a function and printed by the read-eval-print
> loop, it is written in decimal notation.
> The notation used should be consistent.

Perhaps, for this part of the bug report, the suggestion should be to just
mention explicitly which number base is being used in the current context.

It's pretty obvious if you see `F' that hex is used, but it is not so obvious
when the digits could be either decimal or hex.

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