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bug#5180: 23.1.90; Secondary selection and M-w

From: Leo
Subject: bug#5180: 23.1.90; Secondary selection and M-w
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 16:53:55 +0000

2009/12/11 Drew Adams <address@hidden>:
> I never noticed it before, but I can confirm that it happens, but only if the
> the Meta key is pressed before releasing the mouse button.

I would not find it annoying if that were my case. However, I use the
trackpad with a laptop. I don't know whether that causes the

I also find that the Meta key has to be held down for a while (about 1
or 2 s)  but it can be done after releasing the mouse button (with my
hand off the trackpad). Thus:

 To reproduce:
 1. Drag the mouse to select some text
 2. Stop dragging by moving your hand away from the trackpad and
(after a short delay) HOLD DOWN the Meta (as in M-w) key


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