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bug#4023: mwheel.el uses (point) instead of point-before-scroll

From: gabriele balducci
Subject: bug#4023: mwheel.el uses (point) instead of point-before-scroll
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 12:42:20 +0100

Hi there

> > I have no preference for either behavior, because I don't use the mouse
> > wheel much.  Either way, we should probably make the scrollbar and mouse
> > wheel behavior consistent, though.

I do not use the wheel very much too, but the occasions on which I use
it are just when I want to mark a wide region  by scrolling!

Actually, I did not realize that someone might want to:

=> mark a (small) region
=> scroll down with the wheel
=> paste the region contents previously selected

and, of course, this is just the opposite of what I normally do!

> Emacs 22.3 seems to make both me and the OP happy.
> When transient-mark-mode is off, it does not have the issue I
> complained about. When transient-mark-mode is on, it behaves the way
> the OP wants. (So by default 22.3 does NOT behave the way the OP asks
> for, AFAICS.)

Actually, I used to raise transient-mark-mode on at emacs startup

> I complained when the behaviour I disliked (and I do find it really
> annoying) started happening even when t-m-m was off.
> So is there a way to make us both happy, by getting the 22.3 behaviour
> back? I don't care at all what the defaults are, so long as I can get
> the behaviour I like somehow.

Me too.

I am not a lisp/emacs developer, so do not know whether this might be a
good/feasible option: what about a t/nil configurable variable such as

thanks and ciao

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