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bug#5136: Request to update vhdl-mode and verilog-mode

From: Chitlesh GOORAH
Subject: bug#5136: Request to update vhdl-mode and verilog-mode
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 09:50:17 +0100

On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 8:56 AM, Dan Nicolaescu <> wrote:
> Chitlesh GOORAH <> writes:
>  > Hello there,
>  >
>  > The following modes bundled in emacs-23.1-13.fc12.i686 are very old
>  > compared to the lastest upstream releases.
>  >
>  > vhdl-mode
>  > http://www.iis.ee.ethz.ch/~zimmi/emacs/vhdl-mode.html
> Reto can you please send a patch + ChangeLog for the changes?
>  > verilog-mode
>  > http://www.verilog.com/verilog-mode.html
> I've asked the authors for updates, they will be installed as soon as we
> get them.
>  > I would like to request these to be updated within emacs sources so
>  > that linux distributions don't have to package them separately. This
>  > request is related to the work done behind Fedora Electronic Lab to
>  > give people a complete FOSS platform for micro-nanoelectronic design
>  > engineering, thus making emacs one of the core tools for mixed-signal
>  > hardware design, coupled with other emacs mode not included in the
>  > emacs sources.
> Why isn't that mode included?  What mode is it?


I don't know why, but these are my views:

irsim-mode (not included) has two features - highlight and
indentation. Simple and can be integrated within emacs sources.

spice-mode is very old however was designed to use with proprietary
simulators. We are currently testing and ensuring that opensource
spice simulators and viewers can be used with this mode. If you are
interested in putting it into emacs sources, please take our patches
that we are currently preparing.
Let me know whether you are interested in adding it to the emacs
sources so that after fixing spice-mode, we'll close the package
review and won't push it to our repositories.

Similarly, for vhdl-mode (included within emacs sources), weirdly does
not support ghdl or freehdl out of the box, but only proprietary
simulators. Can your vhdl-mode maintainer for emacs can fix it and put
ghdl as default simulator please ?

Kind regards,

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