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bug#4880: point moves in other dired windows

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#4880: point moves in other dired windows
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 16:09:30 -0500
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> Since other buffers of the same dir won't be reverted, then yes,
> there is no point in saving their points.

That looks good, thanks.  Just one more thing:

>   (defun dired-restore-positions (positions)
>     "Restore POSITIONS saved with `dired-save-positions'."
> !   (let ((buf-file-pos (nth 0 positions)))
> !     (unless (and (nth 0 buf-file-pos)
> !              (dired-goto-file (nth 0 buf-file-pos)))
> !       (goto-char (nth 1 buf-file-pos))
> !       (dired-move-to-filename)))
> !   (dolist (win-file-pos (nth 1 positions))
> !     (with-selected-window (nth 0 win-file-pos)
>         (unless (and (nth 1 win-file-pos)
>                  (dired-goto-file (nth 1 win-file-pos)))
>       (goto-char (nth 2 win-file-pos))

In restore, we should check that the window's buffer is still "our
buffer".  In some rare occasions, revert-buffer may cause some prompt or
other thing that may change some window's configuration, so better be
safe than sorry.
I know this is not a new problem in your code, but while we're here, can
you fix this other one as well (and then commit)?


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