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bug#904: [patch] russian-typewriter input method does not follow actual

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#904: [patch] russian-typewriter input method does not follow actual layout
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 02:51:41 +0200
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> But Emacs 22.2 has own standard for `russian-typewriter' input method.
> Probably, borrowed from some other map. Indeed, there're a lot of
> variations of `Russian Typewriter' implementation, a real mess.
> In fact, I've already seen on the Net some Lisp files to implement a
> correct typewriter layout (at least, in the number keys region) in
> Emacs.
> The patch, I'm proposing, makes `russian-typewriter' method behave like
> a real Russian typewriter (except ยง key) or a Russian computer. I think,
> it's better to fix the problem, that making users of
> `russian-typewriter' implement a custom input method.

I suggest to install this patch to close bug#904.  I confirm it implements
a layout used on real typewriters.

However, the layout it replaces is useful as well.  So I suggest
to move the current "russian-typewriter" layout to its current alias
"cyrillic-jcuken" (thus avoiding tricks employed to define the input
method's alias).

Installing this patch also requires updating `input-method' properties
in lisp/language/cyrillic.el (and removing some FIXME's).  I believe this
would clean up the mess.

Juri Linkov

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