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bug#3605: Crash in ns_index_color (nsterm.m:1305)

From: Mike
Subject: bug#3605: Crash in ns_index_color (nsterm.m:1305)
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 17:05:20 -0700

I spent some more time looking at this, and I think I've found the problem:

ns_defined_color needs to block input around its calls to ns_get_color
and (at least) ns_index_color.  ns_get_color calls UNBLOCK_INPUT after
allocating an autorelease NSColor.  Because the outer autorelease pool
is flushed every time through the event loop, sometimes the color gets
freed before ns_index_color has a chance to retain it.

As a reliable test case, try loading the color palette from

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