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bug#4659: [feature-request] the "EMO" buffer...

From: Drachen Kiraa
Subject: bug#4659: [feature-request] the "EMO" buffer...
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 21:58:50 -0400

While working with LOTS of files, often killing unused buffers is a
very tedious task...

So, this is where the concept of the "EMO" buffer may come in handy:

   If an opened file buffer is not being viewed in some period of time
(say ~30 minutes),
   then it will start to "echo" phrases on the minibufer, such as:
      "Nobody likes me..."
      "oh... nobody cares `bout me..."
      "Life is sh*t..."
      etc, etc
   just moments before calling "buffer-suicide" on itself.
   And a bonus: if you try to stop it, then it will hide itself from
the buffer list...

   Also see:
      <M-x> buffer-suicide
      <M-x> buffer-suicide-silently

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