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bug#3108: 23.0.92; 2C-command: missing arglist

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#3108: 23.0.92; 2C-command: missing arglist
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 11:51:04 -0700

> > Then in that case, shouldn't the help show something like this:
> > "Prefix command (definition is a keymap associating keystrokes with
> > commands)."
> It does say it (quoting the text you quoted):
>   2C-command is an interactive autoloaded keymap in `two-column.el'.
>   ...
> Notice the "autoloaded keymap" there.

Yes, I saw that.

It's a minor point, but I still have the question whether the ultimate text
couldn't be available before loading. It seems we have all the requisite
information beforehand. 

The ultimate text is itself just boilerplate, requiring no special knowledge of
the command (keymap) itself. There is nothing to be gained (for this) by loading
the library. Since we know that this is a prefix command (keymap) beforehand, I
would think we could use the ultimate text even before loading the library.

But I won't belabor this - as I said, you can close the bug.

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