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bug#2941: rmail's new handling of Babyl files is odd

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#2941: rmail's new handling of Babyl files is odd
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 21:27:59 -0400
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Glenn Morris wrote:

> Aborting no longer prompts, but it marks the message as edited, which
> is incorrect.
> Also, aborting an edit now always marks the Rmail buffer as unmodified
> (even if the initial Rmail file was mbox). It should restore the
> pre-edit modification status.

Also, I think the behaviour is confusing if someone starts from a
Babyl file, edits a message, and then ends the edit. They get prompted
about the mbox conversion at this point. What are they supposed to do
if they answer "no"? At this point, their Rmail buffer has
(apparently) disappeared and been replaced by the edit buffer, and
it's not obvious how to get out of the edit and back to the normal
Rmail buffer without saying "yes".

For all these reasons, I suggest it would be better to prompt
immediately after the "e" key is pressed, before the edit buffer is

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