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Re: make for emacs fails under OS X 10.5

From: YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
Subject: Re: make for emacs fails under OS X 10.5
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 21:11:35 +0900
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>>>>> On Sun, 28 Oct 2007 20:35:30 -0400, Steffen Heise <address@hidden> said:

> emacs runs from the command line in the terminal,
> but not as regularly with the graphical user interface.

I've just obtained and installed Leopard, so I'll look into the issue.

In the meanwhile you can run the bundled Emacs not only in the
terminal but also as a Carbon application just by complementing a
dummy bundle like the attached one, because Emacs shipped with Leopard
is actually configured with Carbon.

                                     YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu

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