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Re: smtpmail believes starttls is not needed (solved)

From: François Puitg
Subject: Re: smtpmail believes starttls is not needed (solved)
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 15:23:32 +0200

De Katsumi Yamaoka (26 October, 20:43) :

  > I posted a reply to your message to the gnu.emacs.bug newsgroup
  > as attached below.

Sorry for the multiple post, I didn't notice your reply.

  > You use XEmacs 21.4.20, right?  I believe the real cause of your
  > problem is there is not the `with-no-warnings' function.

You're   definitely  right. No   with-no-warnings  function in  XEmacs

  > How about adding the following?
  > I think what should be suspected is the usage of `with-no-warnings'
  > in smtpmail.el.
  > Regards,

I've  added  the function   to   site-start.el (using  defsubst),  and
everything works perfectly well !

Thanks a lot, I've spent such a long  time on this, believing that the
problem was in my smtpmail-starttls-credentials setup.

-- Frnçs

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