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Documentation still claims `eql' is part of the `cl' package

From: Gareth Rees
Subject: Documentation still claims `eql' is part of the `cl' package
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 12:43:14 +0100
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The function `eql' was built into Emacs and removed from the `cl' package
in Emacs 22.  The manuals need updating to reflect this.  In particular:

The node "(cl)Equality Predicates" documents the function `eql'.  This
should largely be moved to "(elisp)Equality Predicates", except for the
paragraph about inconsistency with Common Lisp, which should be deleted.
(I guess you could consider moving it to "(cl)Common Lisp
Compatibility", but I don't think that would be right, since the `cl'
manual doesn't attempt to describe all differences between Emacs Lisp
and Common Lisp.)

This leaves "(cl)Equality Predicates" describing `equalp' only, so the
node should be renamed or reorganized.

The node "(cl)Naming Conventions" says:

  The following simple functions and macros are defined in `cl.el';
  they do not cause other components like `cl-extra' to be loaded.

    eql           floatp-safe   endp

`eql' should be removed from this list.

The node "(cl)Common Lisp Compatibility" says:

  The `eql' and `equal' predicates do not distinguish between IEEE
  floating-point plus and minus zero.

It's probably no longer appropriate to mention `eql' here.

Gareth Rees

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