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Missing points in documentation

From: Ryan McCoskrie
Subject: Missing points in documentation
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 18:37:04 -0500

Hi, I'm a begginer in writing software (as in yet to come up with something
more useful than a poor way of changing char input[] = {'1','2','3',4','5'}
to int output = 12345 or anything else less than nine characters long). Any
way the point is that I found a major fault in the emacs lisp info files: it
doesn't say in all of the pages I have been reading so far how to start
emacs lisp. I found the method ctrl-x, ctrl-e in the online docs but that
assumes that I want to start all of my programs from inside of emacs which
is pretty unlikely seeing how I want to put them to good use someday (and I
use vim).
The points are:
1) How do I start emacs lisp outside of emacs?
...and more importantly...
2) could you make your documentation shorter and more to the point? (I'd do
it myself if I had the web connection and time)


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