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patch: Emacs manual usage of "Key Binding"

From: Aaron Hawley
Subject: patch: Emacs manual usage of "Key Binding"
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 11:29:37 -0400

The Emacs manual seems to consistently use the phrase "Key binding"
over the compound word "Keybinding" except for the glossary!  The
attached patch fixes this, but adds an entry in the index for
"Keybinding" in case someone should enter it.  Currently, typing
"keybinding" for an index in Info takes you to the "Window
Convenience" section of the the Emacs manual, since
`windmove-default-keybindings' is in the command index. The index I'm
proposing for "keybinding" points to this same "Key binding" glossary

2007-10-16  Aaron Hawley  <address@hidden>

        * building.texi (Source Buffers): Use "key binding" consistently.

        * custom.texi (Init Non-ASCII): Use "key binding" consistently.

        * glossary.texi (Glossary): Use "key binding" consistently.  Add
        "Keybinding" index entry.

Thanks for Emacs,

--- orig/man/building.texi
+++ mod/man/building.texi
@@ -907,7 +907,7 @@
 @c @findex gdb-mouse-set-clear-breakpoint
 @c @findex gdb-mouse-toggle-breakpoint
-Many GDB commands can be entered using keybindings or the tool bar but
+Many GDB commands can be entered using key bindings or the tool bar but
 sometimes it is quicker to use the fringe.  These commands either
 manipulate breakpoints or control program execution.  When there is no
 fringe, you can use the margin but this is only present when the

--- orig/man/custom.texi
+++ mod/man/custom.texi
@@ -2504,7 +2504,7 @@
   @strong{Warning:} if you change the keyboard encoding, or change
 between multibyte and unibyte mode, or anything that would alter which
-code @kbd{C-q} would insert for that character, this keybinding may
+code @kbd{C-q} would insert for that character, this key binding may
 stop working.  It is therefore advisable to use one and only one
 coding system, for your init file as well as the files you edit.  For
 example, don't mix the @samp{latin-1} and @samp{latin-9} coding

--- orig/man/glossary.texi
+++ mod/man/glossary.texi
@@ -658,7 +658,8 @@
 them extend exactly to a specified width.
 @xref{Format Justification}.
address@hidden Keybinding
address@hidden keybinding
address@hidden Key Binding
 See `binding.'
 @item Keyboard Macro

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