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Re: How to update major modes?

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: How to update major modes?
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 02:57:51 -0400
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Jared Craig Ahern wrote:

> I use emacs all the time, mainly to edit LaTeX and Fortran 95/2003 files 
> (also make and python). I have noticed that some of the keywords that I 
> commonly used are not recognized by emacs, which causes minor annoyances 
> such as missing syntax highlighting (e.g. 'protected' in Fortran) or 

For the specific case of Fortran, just post the missing F2003 keywords
(it recognizes all the F95 ones AFAIK) and I'll add them.

> Not being familiar with how to help out on GNU projects, what is the best 
> way for me to contribute minor changes to some of the major mode lisp 
> files?  Do I have to assign copyright and checkout the CVS tree, or can i 
> just email snibbets somewhere? 

You can post feature requests and patches here or on emacs-devel.
We can use trivial patches without assignment; if we want to use a
larger one we'll ask you for an assignment.

The file etc/CONTRIBUTE in the CVS has more details.


> Does, for example, f90.el or tex-mode.el have specific maintainers
> that I should talk to?

Me for the former, but it's much better to post to one of the mailing
lists rather than direct to the maintainer (who is usually listed at
the start of the .el file)

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