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Documentation error re INSIDE_EMACS

From: Boyd Adamson
Subject: Documentation error re INSIDE_EMACS
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 08:40:38 +1000

There is a mismatch between the code and the documentation in relation
to INSIDE_EMACS in the inferior shell.

doc/emacs/misc.texi :
@cindex @env{INSIDE_EMACS} environment variable
  Emacs sets the envitonment variable @env{INSIDE_EMACS} to @code{t}
in the subshell.  Programs can check this variable to determine
whether they are running inside an Emacs subshell.

In fact,
lisp/comint.el :
          (list (format "INSIDE_EMACS=%s,comint" emacs-version))

Also, the paragraph in the documentation above has a typo ("envitonment").


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