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Re: emacs-22.1 with GTK problems (with patches)

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: emacs-22.1 with GTK problems (with patches)
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 23:55:26 -0400
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Jan Djärv wrote:

>>>> On Solaris 2.6 there is no recursive mutex support.
>>> Then we can not support that platform.  I can put in a configure
>>> test for recursive mutexes, but we have to fail with an error if
>>> there is no such thing.
>> What do you think about the change below?
> I guess it is OK, but I'd like the OP to test it first, you never
> know with Solars :-). 2.6 is way too old for me, the oldest I have
> is Solaris 8 (a.k.a. 2.8).
> On second thought, we could also don't define HAVE_GTK_AND_PTHREAD
> in this case.


Was a decision reached about what to do here? It would be nice to
cross this off from FOR-RELEASE...

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